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Cheap Ray Bans Store.Fashion blogger Victoria Hui is frequently photographed in all different pairs of shades on her website TheLustListt. But little do her 30,000 Instagram followers know that her face shape has caused her to have a tough time hunting down ones that work for her — or “Asian fit” versions, as they’re often called. “A low nose bridge and high cheekbones make it difficult to find glasses that sit on the face properly,” Hui explained in an interview.Cheap Ray Bans Store.”I find that frames always hit my cheeks before they have the opportunity to settle onto my nose bridge.”Emily Men, one of the lifestyle bloggers behind The Wardrobes, had similar issues to Hui’s, and has often had to hack the pairs she’s owned. “It’s hard because although we do have selections, we are still missing out on so many cute styles that simply just don’t work on our face because of our nose bridge,” she said in an email. “If we do see a style we like that doesn’t work, you are able to add in nose pads, but that gets expensive, and some won’t work with nose pads even if they are added in.”Many caught wind of the term “Asian fit” back in 2013, when popular eyewear brand Oakley got into hot water for using the term in their product names. At the time, Mic called the name stupid and suggested it was simply a marketing tactic. That most sunglasses frames sold in America are designed to be “one shape fits all” played a large role in the term’s making waves — but is also testament to why such a specification was necessary.Cheap Ray Bans For Men.

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