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Designer sunglasses can easily cost well into the thousands. One popular and iconic pair — the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic — comes with a price tag of $155. The brand’s been copied relentlessly, with knockoffs available for as little as a few dollars.Crystal lenses, which are tinted on the back and made of glass, adorn several different models of the Wayfarers, said Sara Beneventi, global brand director for Ray-Ban, who says they offer better clarity.Discount Ray Bans Sunglasses. “We don’t have plastic lenses,” she said.Name brands, including Ray-Ban, typically offer lenses with UV protection, and some take it a step further with polarized lenses, which can also notch up the price.There’s also manufacturing costs. “All the lenses are made in Italy,” Beneventi said, as are all the Wayfarer components. “Fake Cheap Ray Bans.No part of the product is made in China.”She said Ray-Ban focuses on long-term quality, making sure the materials used don’t peel or change their shape with wear and tear.”It’s laser cut to make sure it’s very light and comfortable for consumers,” said Beneventi. The Wayfarer frames are usually made of acetate, a type of plastic that can be costly to manufacture.”The technology to make an acetate frame is extremely difficult,” said Colleen Gallagher, the district manager of New York City’s Solstice Sunglasses boutiques.She agreed that the value of each pair of sunglasses really depends on what it’s made of and how it’s constructed.”Authentic Ray Bans Glasses.You’re not just paying for the name. You’re paying for the craftsmanship,” she said.Gallagher, who started out in the eyewear business as a teenager selling sunglasses on the Jersey Shore, had a new pair of $495 Fendi sunglasses keeping her hair off her face.

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Each pair takes 100 days to make, and during the manufacturing process the frames are tossed in wood chips to give them a lustrous shine.But not everyone shares that passion for designer sunglasses.Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses. Lois Bitner Olson, a marketing professor at San Diego State University, claims that all glasses can be manufactured cheaply and easily and brand labels are the primary reason customers pay more.”Unless they’re made with real gold or silver or tortoise shell, they can be made for less than three dollars,” said Olson. That’s all sunglasses, she said, regardless of the brand.Olson says there’s only one reason why consumers spend big bucks on shades.Discount Ray Bans Sunglasses.”Sunglasses are such an ego-driven product — it’s all about me and what you see on my face,” she said. “I’m not looking at your socks, I’m not looking at your belt, I’m looking at your face. It’s kind of the window into you.”The latest brand to offer a customization service is sunglass stalwarts Ray-Ban. Take your pick from one of the classic Ray-Ban silhouettes, which includes the Aviator, Wayfarers, Clubmaster and nine more, then freely customize each individual component from a selection of different colors, prints and lenses, for a myriad of final results. You can even engrave the temple with your choice of word up to 10 characters long.Ray Bans Sunglasses Cheap.Visit Ray-Ban online to get started.

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Fresh from the drafting table of Raymond Stegeman, Wayfarers were unlike any other eyewear that had come before. Made of plastic instead of metal, its temples flared, the Wayfarer was a rebellious thing—probably why Dean, the 24-year-old star of Rebel Without a Cause, put them on.Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses.Then Audrey Hepburn put them on. That was 1961, when Breakfast at Tiffany’s introduced America to daring suggestions of divorce. Givenchy designed Hepburn’s dresses, but Ray- Ban completed the look. Soon, Hollywood stars including Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant and Kim Novak had put Wayfarers on.Fake Ray Bans Cheap.In Nashville, Roy Orbison followed suit, as did a guitarist in New York named Bob Dylan.America had a new president in 1961, and many thought that he’d put Wayfarers on, too. In fact, JFK wore the American Optical brand (a knockoff) but no matter: The frames looked like Wayfarers, and that was close enough. Overnight, millions of American men tried to imitate the Camelot style—which meant that they put Wayfarers on, too.What was it about these frames? Their distinctive shape possessed the ability to dress up drab outfits while dressing down formal ones.Ray Bans Fake Sunglasses.The Wayfarer’s “distinctive trapezoidal frame spoke a nonverbal language that hinted at dangerousness,” the critic Stephen Bayley has written. That’s probably why Andy Warhol and John Lennon put their Wayfarers on, too.


Even though Debbie Harry and John Belushi had their Wayfarers on, sales were in the ditch by the late 1970s. So Ray-Ban found a new way to get celebrities to wear the goods: product placement. Tom Cruise put Wayfarers on for 1983’s Risky Business.Ray Bans sunglasses cheap.Then Don Johnson put them on, as did Don Henley, Johnny Marr and Madonna. Corey Hart wore his sunglasses at night, and by 1987, as Michael Jackson was setting off on his Bad tour, he’d put Wayfarers on, too.Today, Italian optical giant Luxottica licenses the right to make Wayfarers, which it reintroduced in 2006 as a pristine copy of the 1952 original. Times and tastes have changed a lot over 60 years, but the cultural impetus of Wayfarers is now unstoppable.Discount Ray Bans glasses.”They’re one of the first things that come to mind when people think of sunglasses,” said Jordan Silver, co-owner of New York’s Silver Lining Opticians, and he is in a position to know. Vintage Wayfarers–when Silver can get them–can go for $800.Authentic Ray Bans Sunglasses.Of course, prices like that are a pittance for the latest generation of celebrities to put Wayfarers on, including Johnny Depp, Robert Pattinson, James Franco, Jude Law and Orlando Bloom. We’d list more, but we hate to name drop.

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They pitched the idea to Stanford’s prestigious StartX business incubator program in 2012 and were accepted. In the short video application they recorded, Rodriguez eagerly explained how they wanted to “redefine the future of face-to-face interaction.”The only problem was that building expensive hardware was impossible for an early-stage startup with no funding. They realized they would have to scale back their ambitions in order to actually ship a product, and settled on a discrete, Ray-Ban-inspired pair of glasses that could record video and would start at $300.Authentic Ray Bans Sunglasses.The duo managed to attract two important first hires in Peter Brook, a Facebook engineer who had worked on the social network’s failed Facebook Home Android interface, and David Meisenholder, who had worked on camera glasses that Polaroid tried to sell in 2011 with the help of Lady Gaga.Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses.Miller, left, with Peter Brook wearing Epiphany Eyewear during an early interview.PITME / YouTubeAfter they ran a Indiegogo campaign in 2012 that raised $70,000 for Epiphany Eyewear, Miller and Rodriguez landed a few prominent early investors.One of those investors was Quora cofounder and early Facebook employee Charlie Cheever.He told Business Insider that he invested in Vergence after meeting Rodriguez at a talk at Stanford.Ray Bans Sunglasses Cheap.Rodriguez showed him multiple augmented reality demos, including a rig made of two iPhones that used cameras to overlay 3-D graphics in videos.”I could just tell that this was a really smart kid who was pushing the envelope,” Cheever said.

Miller managed to win over Adam Draper, who now runs Boost VC and is the son of prominent investor Tim Draper. In an interview, Draper recalled Miller showing up late to a 2012 dinner in Palo Alto he attended to hear pitches from other entrepreneurs.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses.Draper had dreamed of building his own Iron Man suit, and when Miller enthusiastically shared his vision for an augmented reality future beginning with computer-equipped glasses, Draper was sold.Winning over Draper turned out to be instrumental in getting Vergence off the ground, especially given how little most Silicon Valley investors were interested in wearable computers at the time.Authentic Ray Bans Sunglasses.”Erick was a very persistent CEO,” Draper said. That included a relentless approach to pitching. Miller would walk around the exterior of Facebook’s campus and try to catch Mark Zuckerberg walking between meetings or to his car, Draper recalled.Ray Bans Fake Sunglasses.”It was a very cool thing that they were doing, but no one was excited about the space,” Draper said. “No one believed in it. No one was excited about this thing. Everyone was doing consumer mobile applications. Glasses with computer vision was not part of the story.”

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It was the first day the $130 camera glasses went on sale, and many were there to see what all the buzz was about. Most of them worked or had friends in the tech industry. Some planned to resell the glasses at a hefty markup online.Erick Miller had a different reason to stand in line for Spectacles that morning.Discount Ray Bans Sunglasses.He helped invent them.The idea for Spectacles didn’t come from the mind of Evan Spiegel, the visionary and reclusive 26-year-old CEO behind the newly renamed Snap Inc. The genesis of Spectacles dates back to Vergence Labs, a small Los Angeles startup that Spiegel quietly acquired for $15 million in early 2014.Vergence Labs was founded by Erick Miller and Jonathan Rodriguez in 2011. They made their own version of camera glasses called Epiphany Eyewear that, like Spectacles, could subtly record video with the press of a button.Cheap Fake Ray Bans Outlet.Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell called the product “a much cooler, cheaper alternative to Google Glass” in 2014.The real plan Miller and Rodriguez had for Vergence was much loftier than video glasses. The scrappy startup wanted to create a crop of futuristic gadgets, from AI-enabled helmets to gesture-controlled drones, that would effectively give people “superpowers.” And the company already had working — if rudimentary — prototypes when it was swallowed by Snap.Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses.Today, the acquisition of Vergence is just a footnote in the rise of Snap, whose upcoming $25 billion initial public offering is expected to be the largest internet debut in years. But Vergence’s untold story provides a glimpse of what could be the blueprint for Snap’s growing ambition to mesh wearable cameras, augmented reality technology, and social media into a new class of gadgets.

Miller abruptly left Snap six months after joining as director of technology and declined to be interviewed for this story. The other members of Vergence’s core team still work at Snap. Rodriguez calls himself the “architect” behind Spectacles on his LinkedIn.Snap declined to make any of its employees who work on Spectacles available for interviews.Ray Bans Fake.But Business Insider spoke with other former Vergence employees, early investors, and people close to the startup to get the inside story of the small team that’s playing a crucial role in the future of Ray Bans sunglasses.During their time together at Vergence, Miller and Rodriguez’s more than a dozen experiments included a helmet display that used facial recognition to identify people in the real world based on their Facebook profiles, and a drone that could be controlled with hand gestures.While he was a graduate student at UCLA, Miller imagined a fully immersive, futuristic headset with biometric sensors that would display information over the real world and “give people what would previously be called superpowers,” according to an early interview.Ray Bann Sunglasses on Sale.He ended up pouring his life savings into prototyping the product and attracting the attention of Rodriguez, a computer science major at Stanford whose senior thesis described “assembling an augmented reality computer with video screens and headphones as output, and inputs consisting of gaze tracking, EEG, finger tracking, and GPS.”

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On Facebook, the scam’s mechanism is slightly less straightforward — Stefanko says the scammers use both malware and more conventional password hacks to gain access to user accounts around the world. Fake Authentic Ray Bans.Once they have that access, they create an event, copy-paste the usual promo text (usually in broken English, though Stefanko has also seen it in Japanese and Spanish), and invite hundreds or even thousands of the user’s friends.These mass invitations are risky for spammers, of course: Any one of the invitees could alert Facebook or their friend to the suspicious account activity.Replica Raybans. At the same time, if even one of the invitees buys from the fake Web store, it’s just paid for itself.That makes the Ray-Ban charity scam a special challenge for Facebook, which is not unaware of its spread.“[It’s] unique in that, unlike other applications of machine learning, there’s a live adversary on the other end, trying to get around your controls,” said Melanie Ensign, a Facebook spokeswoman. Cheap Raybans.“This makes spam-fighting a fascinating engineering challenge.”


Ensign says the plague of Ray-Ban event-invites is actually far smaller than it could be: Facebook prevents most spam from ever posting, using a combination of automated systems and manual auditing.Ray Bans Sunglasses Outlet.Facebook’s automated spam system looks at roughly 2 million distinct “classifiers,” or signals, to guess when something might be spam — and the site runs about 1 million checks per second on other types of suspicious behavior, from mass event-invites to rapid-dash friend requests. Replica Raybans.Facebook also monitors for malware, Ensign said, and alerts users when it suspects their machine may be infected, even providing a free scanner they can use to clean it up. But that won’t help users whose passwords have been bought or guessed . . . and the scammers are forever dreaming up new techniques. Fake Raybans.No one knows this struggle better than the intellectual property and legal teams at Luxottica, the people charged with fighting back against fraud old and new. (During the past two years, in fact, the teams have bulked up to better address some of these issues.) The company works with a third-party monitoring agency to identify fraudulent Web stores, then sues for trademark infringement in the federal court system of whatever country the scammer was selling to.

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It seems like scam spam offering supposed bargains on Ray-Ban sunglass is even more common than Viagra spam these days.Authentic Raybans. We constantly get emails with links to websites that try to sell fake Ray-Bans. In fact, we even get iMessage spam from Ray-Ban scammers sometimes.Cheap Raybans. Of course, there’s a reason you see so many scams out there that focus on Ray-Ban sunglasses — everyone loves them. Replica Ray Bans Cheap.Ray-Ban has been making sunglasses since all the way back in the 1930s, and the company offers all kinds of great styles at affordable prices.Of course, it’s Prime Day and you know what that means: Those normally affordable prices are about to get a whole lot more affordable thanks to Amazon’s sale on Ray-Bans.


Today only — and for Prime subscribers only, of course — Amazon is slashing prices on select Ray-Ban sunglasses by 25%. Fake Authentic Ray Bans.There are several different Ray-Ban models included in this sale, but we know the question on everyone’s minds… does this sale cover Ray-Ban’s classic aviators?Why yes, yes it does!.Authentic Ray Bans Sunglasses. The Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses are indeed covered in Tuesday’s one-day sale on Ray-Ban glasses, as are a few other very popular models. Ray Bans Sunglasses Outlet . Want to check them all out? Head on over to this page on the Amazon websiteand grab your favorite pair before this sale is over.

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Recently, we’ve observed a new wave of scams on Facebook. Crooks are luring social network users to visit bogus Ray-Ban e-shops and buy heavily discounted sunglasses there. Victims’ payment card details are at risk.Cheap Raybans .The spam ads are spread via hacked Facebook accounts that attackers have taken control of using malware and social engineering tactics. Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses.Subsequently, without the owner’s consent, they post pictures promoting fake Ray-Ban sunglasses with discounts as high as 90%.On top of the possibility of losing few dollars on counterfeit goods, victims’ payment card details are at risk.Authentic Ray Bans Cheap.Also, the transactions run directly on the bogus sites, not via a secure payment portal, allowing the payment card’s details to travel unencrypted across the internet.


We have seen these fraudulent websites in different language mutations, but most of them use English. Attackers target users in various countries such as the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Chile, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and China.We have also discovered that many of these newly created domains use a similar design. Ray Bans Sunglasses Authentic Outlet.Most of them are situated in China and were registered this year.After searching for their favorite models, users should realize that something fishy is going on since all of the Ray-Ban sunglasses on the scam e-shops offer the same 90% discount.Authentic Raybans.If the victim misses the red flags and decides to order a pair of the displayed sunglasses, he/she will be asked to proceed with their credit card payment. However, these fake e-shops are not secure and don’t use an SSL certificate to encrypt communication between client and server. Customer credit card details therefore, are sent to the attacker’s server in plain text and can be misused in the future.Cheap Raybans.With the high number of similar looking e-shops offering huge discounts, there is also the probability that customers will neither receive the sunglasses they ordered, nor get their money back.

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Ray Ban sunglasses was founded in the 1930s, the US Air Force and prepared specially for high-altitude shelter violent light.So Ray-Ban lenses are high quality optical glass, it gives you a number of outstanding advantages.Extraordinary anti-ultraviolet function.Very visual clarity.Ray Ban Sunglasses Discount . Lens color will not fade anytime day to ensure lasting for years.The Ray-Ban sunglasses sold by our online Ray Ban Store have assured quality and authentic professional Ray Ban Sunglasses . Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet. people will not be disappointed at all after buying from us. It is the right choose, which is cheap, reliable and most importantly, professional.Ray Ban Sunglasses Discount . We provide Cheap Ray-Ban store on sale Women and men cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses. Fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses Replica on Sale.Trust us ,we’re the best choose.


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German-American, Dr. John in New York started in the business of optical products imported from Europe, only business not long after, Dr. sank into a near-bankruptcies so badly. Thanks to good friend Henry Fallon assisted us in his own last only $ 60 finance companies, on which the company was to sustain and survive. Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses  . The company name to John Henry and Dr. Lun combined, officially named the Bausch & Lomb. Since then, Bausch & Lomb’s career will be flourishing until the United States developed into a household name companies.One day, a US Air Force lieutenant door visits the Bausch & Lomb. Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses . The Air Force lieutenant in 1923 but had driving small plane across the Atlantic and famous, with a wealth of flying experience. Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet . His flight practice, deeply felt distress caused by strong sunlight, back to base after, or even nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness adverse reactions, so pilots feel really need a pair of sunglasses can absorb a lot of light. Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet . Bausch & Lomb began in accordance with the requirements of the proposed development of the Air Force lieutenant sunglasses.


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Successfully developed the world’s first deputy to protect the pilots eyes, green lens sunglasses, both to prevent glare but also anti-UV, visual aspects but also to maintain good vision clear, much welcomed by American pilots, and the Air Force named as the “leader.” Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses . Extraordinary anti-ultraviolet function, Ray Ban lenses 100% UV protection features, full compliance with US ANSIZ80.3, Europe and Australia EN1836 AS 1067 quality testing standards. Very visual clarity through precision manufacturing and polishing process, Ray-Ban optical lens no deviation, after wear does not cause eye fatigue, headaches or fatigue. Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses . Lens color will not fade anytime day to ensure lasting for years. Frame: Design Ray Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses frame and manufacturing philosophy, and create accurate theoretical lens almost exactly the same, extremely durable material, always wear comfortable, exceptionally thoughtful face type. Replica Cheap Ray Bans  . Double screw assembly, effectively consolidate lens After rigorous twisted tests to ensure that the frame toughness and stability Mirror arm radian special skin caring Weak end of arm design, can respond to face contour and for adjusting Bausch & Lomb sunglasses will be introduced to the general public, but in its early sales show that the average person is not interested in Ray-Ban sunglasses.Replica Cheap Ray Bans.


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In this regard, Bausch & Lomb not discouraged by their analysis, the Ray-Ban sunglasses made some small changes, once again pushed into the market. Contrary to the company’s expectations, this slight modifications Ray-Ban sunglasses, not only the price soared, has become one of the best-selling and most popular hit. Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses .At that time, the United States said to the men in almost every pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, entering the 1940s, Ray-Ban is the US Air Force to produce the inclined reflective mirror sunglasses, providing the user with maximum eye protection. During World War II, American pilots dressed in a leather jacket, wearing a chic new Ray-Ban sunglasses appear around the world, its chic valiant image, which greatly enhance the visibility of the Ray-Ban sunglasses in the world.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses .  At that time, even the United States Admiral MacArthur often wear a sunglasses, Ray-Ban is the product. And ZIPPO lighters, experienced World War II, Ray-Ban sunglasses, has become one of the US flag, and after the war as a fashion product, quickly swept the world. Replica Cheap Ray Bans  . Over time, more and more popular sunglasses, and gradually by the fashion jewelry, into the daily life of essential goods.


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