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Ray Bans Sunglasses For Men.The entertainment industry ensured that Ray Ban was firmly cemented in pop culture and continues to do so. Ray-ban sunnies have recently spotted on Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck.With the ever-growing popularity of online retailers, there is a Ray Ban sunglasses price that fits any budget. Taking advantage of the growing demand for cheap Ray Bans, some manufacturers are making alternative, fake Ray Ban sunglasses. These discounted Ray Ban look-alikes are no match for the superior quality and prestige of the genuine article.Cheap Ray Bans Sale.Authentic Ray Ban sunglasses start from under £70 with current collections to choose. With social media marketing and growing online business, Ray Ban remains a trusted leader in eyewear and continues to attract a new generation of consumer.The sun’s out and there’s no getting away from the glare, so now’s the time to seek out a great pair of shades. Finding frames that not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but that also make you feel and look good can be a real struggle, so to make things a little easier we’ve selected our top picks of the most fashion-forward sunnies on the market. From Lennon-esque mirrored sun specs to vintage-inspired cat eyes, no matter your budget we’re here to help you find the perfect pair. Ray Bans On Sale.

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale
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They pitched the idea to Stanford’s prestigious StartX business incubator program in 2012 and were accepted. In the short video application they recorded, Rodriguez eagerly explained how they wanted to “redefine the future of face-to-face interaction.”The only problem was that building expensive hardware was impossible for an early-stage startup with no funding. They realized they would have to scale back their ambitions in order to actually ship a product, and settled on a discrete, Ray-Ban-inspired pair of glasses that could record video and would start at $300.Authentic Ray Bans Sunglasses.The duo managed to attract two important first hires in Peter Brook, a Facebook engineer who had worked on the social network’s failed Facebook Home Android interface, and David Meisenholder, who had worked on camera glasses that Polaroid tried to sell in 2011 with the help of Lady Gaga.Replica Ray Bans Sunglasses.Miller, left, with Peter Brook wearing Epiphany Eyewear during an early interview.PITME / YouTubeAfter they ran a Indiegogo campaign in 2012 that raised $70,000 for Epiphany Eyewear, Miller and Rodriguez landed a few prominent early investors.One of those investors was Quora cofounder and early Facebook employee Charlie Cheever.He told Business Insider that he invested in Vergence after meeting Rodriguez at a talk at Stanford.Ray Bans Sunglasses Cheap.Rodriguez showed him multiple augmented reality demos, including a rig made of two iPhones that used cameras to overlay 3-D graphics in videos.”I could just tell that this was a really smart kid who was pushing the envelope,” Cheever said.

Miller managed to win over Adam Draper, who now runs Boost VC and is the son of prominent investor Tim Draper. In an interview, Draper recalled Miller showing up late to a 2012 dinner in Palo Alto he attended to hear pitches from other entrepreneurs.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses.Draper had dreamed of building his own Iron Man suit, and when Miller enthusiastically shared his vision for an augmented reality future beginning with computer-equipped glasses, Draper was sold.Winning over Draper turned out to be instrumental in getting Vergence off the ground, especially given how little most Silicon Valley investors were interested in wearable computers at the time.Authentic Ray Bans Sunglasses.”Erick was a very persistent CEO,” Draper said. That included a relentless approach to pitching. Miller would walk around the exterior of Facebook’s campus and try to catch Mark Zuckerberg walking between meetings or to his car, Draper recalled.Ray Bans Fake Sunglasses.”It was a very cool thing that they were doing, but no one was excited about the space,” Draper said. “No one believed in it. No one was excited about this thing. Everyone was doing consumer mobile applications. Glasses with computer vision was not part of the story.”