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Fake Ray Bans Sunglasses.It’s safe to say Ray-Ban’s iconic styles have been reimagined by various eyewear companies for decades. And now the company is dusting off the archives to bring back the classic Signet frame.It’s been a bit since we’ve seen the Signet frame, though you’ll recognize the styling from other companies and Ray-Ban itself. The release keeps all of the art deco stylings from the original. Thankfully, it’s not a complete recreation. Technology has advanced, and the new Rayban Signet is updated with new lens combinations, pin-stripe laser engraving and a variety of finishes.Facebook users are urged to be vigilant against online scams after suspicious posts advertising discounted Ray-Ban sunglasses appeared on pages and in comments.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses. The scam is designed to trick users into visiting a knock off Ray-Ban store online where they could be at risk of their bank details being stolen, receive fake Ray-Ban glasses or not receive any items at all after paying.The scam hijacks Facebook accounts, spams messages on the user’s behalf and tags numerous other Facebook users to spread the scam.For Ray-Ban’s short documentary Clément-Delmas turns the lens on the three-day celebration and mourning process surrounding the burial of a loved one. The video, which his sometimes shot in black and white and sometimes in color, attempts to convey a multi-layered sensory experience and immerse the viewer so they feel as if they are in the moment.  According to Ray-Ban, the goal was to capture the nuance inherent in loss, and to illustrate that loss of a life should be equal parts remembrance of the joyous moments and the mourning of a painful departure.Ray Ban sunglasses.

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Discount Ray Bans Sale.Where Ray-Ban led, others followed, and the wayfarer went from a model of sunglass to a genre. In the ensuing half century, takes on the style have been spotted on everyone from Michael Jackson to Jude Law, testament to a design that seems to flatter any face shape. It’s part Talented Mr Ripley luxury; part Risky Business anti-authoritarianism; and all style.Whether in the classic wayfarer or aviator style, they are one of the most covetable sunglasses on the market. Ranging from Ray-Bans can also be expensive, yes. But you can’t put a price on cool, surely?Ray Bans Sunglasses Fake.To ease pressure on the wallet this summer, Body Confidential has its hands on a brand new unisex Ray-Ban model to give-away to one lucky reader. With its vintage look and circular lens (we’re thinking John Lennon and the 70s), these spotted black Havanas suits most face shapes and is a perfect addition to any trend-setting ensemble.They’re tougher to wear, particularly for chiselled face shapes, but if you’ve got curves then Spitfire’s translucent frames, brown lenses and angular design are the easiest way into the 1970s trend. Chest rug optional.Thom Browne’s ability to make classics seem cutting edge extends to his sunglasses line – case in point, these sharp, square-framed acetates.Hand-assembled in Italy, they feature an angular silhouette with a gold wire underframe (not too dissimilar to the clubmaster) and the designer’s signature stripe motif on the arms.Replica Ray Bans Outlet.

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Ray Bans Wayfarer Outlet.The Ray-Ban Wayfarer version jeans.Per the first time in history, the iconic Wayfarer are declined in an original denim version produced with a high-tech system developed by Ray-Ban. The frames are made of 100% heavy-duty jeans. The result is a solid pair of Wayfarer denim multi-layer finished by hand to achieve a unique look. The denim model RB2140 will be available in stores starting in August 2014.Gli glasses Velvet Ray-Ban The model of sunglasses Erika back on stage after a deep restyling, complete with a frame made of acetate silk-screened through a process of flocking that creates a particular velvety effect.Ray Ban Outlet Sale. Flocking is the application of screen-printed velvet to the surface of the frame, especially sprinkled with adhesive, and produces a soft outcome to tatto.Ray-Ban Wayfarer in This summer skin timeless Ray-Ban Wayfarer dress in leather, in a ‘ harmonious combination of craftsmanship and future. The frames are carefully coated with genuine calf skin thanks to the special “glove” technique: after being dipped in the stretched leather water is applied to the frame and left to dry, remaining adherent like a glove.The view from model Titanium subverts every technological fee. The titanium is in fact an extremely pure material, nickel-free and hypoallergenic which has the advantage of being also ultralight. Minimal and elegant, the structure of these glasses is entirely in titanium alloy machined with precision laser cutting. The assembly of the frame does not require screws and welds and it results in a linear and modern design of the most comfortable, durable and lighter than the Ray-Ban range.Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses.

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Cheap Knockoff Ray Bans Aviator.After throwing glasses made of unusual materials, such as leather, denim and velvet, Ray-Ban is goes further and for summer 2014 creaq a new and innovative shimmering version of the famous Wayfarer model. The mini summer collection is called Iridescence and consists of five variants of sunglasses that change color with changes in light thanks to a new coating trasformist.La summer 2014 comes from the chromatic performance of lenses and flash acetate frames, with iridescent reflections so as to appear fluid. The iridescent effect of Wayfarer does not result from a simple optical effect: the lenses of silica micro-crystals are covered with highly refractive metal oxides which, depending on the power and the inclination of the light, produce different shades of color that is blend into each other to a “liquid” result, with a thousand shades.Cheap Ray Bans Sale. the mount is also treated with the same technique that allows to obtain a model of glasses whose color changes according to the sun stresses.For summer 2014 Ray-Ban launched a highly original collection of sunglasses made or covered in unusual materials, not usually used for a pair of sunglasses. The latest eyewear collection of the famous brand was launched in conjunction with the release of the new communication campaign “Never Hide What You’re Made Of”, which in this period covers the walls of Italian cities.Ray Bans Aviator Outlet.